Cut, Copy and Paste Instructions

Select the text you would like to cut, copy or paste and use the keyboard shortcuts "Ctrl + x", "Ctrl + c" and "Ctrl + v" respectively. This menu has been disabled for code protection.


Character based data was entered in a numeric field.
This message means that one of the numeric fields (123) contains character data.(ABC)

Sorry, the Assignment Number cannot be found.
This message means the assignment number does not exist, or that you do not have access to the record. Example: If you are
of the "Insurance Adjuster" user group and you add a new assignment with an adjuster other than yourself you will get this
message because the system can not find this record with your company code after you add it.

Phone numbers must be formated like (###)###-#### or ##########, Thank you
Phone or Fax numbers must be added with the area code or they will not be accepted.

You must enter a value for all required fields, Thank you
Any fields with a "Required" beside it means that it must have data in it before you can save the record.

Search Zone

When searching with numbers such as "Assignment Number" the whole number must be entered.
When searching with text such as "Adjuster Name" you can enter the first few characters or so to find the first matching entry.


The report viewer will automatically download and install upon the first attempt to view a report,
it is very important that you wait until the report displays before closing the window.

You can download it here, and on the bottom of the reports page as well

Buttons along the bottom of the screen and top and bottom of select forms will display reports for the current file

The "Reports" section will allow you to select criteria for the report. This section contains all reports including the ones
accessed by the buttons.

All criteria must be entered for the report to run. If the report requires more than one value for a particular field but you only
want to search using one value, just repeat the same value over again. exampl: "Appraiser one" and "Appraiser two"


You can view up to ten photos for any given file number. These are added through the "Summary" form. Please use EXTREME CAUTION
when naming the files you upload, if the filenames are incorrect they will not display but will take up disk space on the server.

When you take or scan your images use a low resolution to minimize the size of the file. This will help when uploading the image and will
reduce the disk space used on the server. 100 - 200 KB is an acceptable file size.